Save battery life of your electronic devices

While buying a new phone or laptop or camera we see the companies promise for a very long battery life. Initially it seems the promises are true, but after 6 month or 1 year, gradually the battery life reduces. This is annoying and then we start carrying a power bank or charger or we replace our battery. Did you ever think why this happens? The main cause behind this is improper use. Yes, most of the times it’s our fault. Most of us do not have proper knowledge to save a battery for long term use.

Now a days in most of electronic gadgets lithium batteries are used. So I collected some tips from battery manufacturers to save lithium battery for a longer period. This tips are for Lithium Ion batteries only.

If you are not using the battery:

If you are not using the battery and want to keep it for long time then do not discharge the battery fully. A 40% charge is recommended. And the battery should be kept in between -20°C to 25°C, the ideal temp is 15°C. Before you start to use it again, do a full charge.

If you are using the battery:

Don’t keep you batteries in a heated place:

Often we keep our phone on our car dashboard, which is very bad for the battery. Lithium ion batteries do not like heat. Laptops generally gets heated while using. So recommendation is if you are using your power cable, don’t use battery at that time. Most people do this mistake, we keep the power cable and battery both while using the laptop. So if your battery is attached with the laptop, don’t plug the power cable. If the battery is low then turn of the computer and charge the battery. If you want to use power cable while working in laptop, just remove the battery and use only the power cable. One more thing, don’t remove/insert laptop battery while power cable is attached with the laptop. First remove the battery, then attach the power cable and then turn on the laptop. This way you can save 60% of your battery life.

Never over charge your battery:

As soon as the battery is 100% charged, remove the charger. Over charging is very bad for battery.

Avoid full discharge:

Don’t let the battery fully discharge if it’s not emergency. When the battery charge goes down to 7%, start charging it. While charging it’s always recommended to turn the device (phone or laptop) off if possible.

Buying tips:

Before buying a battery always check manufacture date. Generally lithium battery loses 20% to 25% of its charge every year. This is normal and we cannot reduce it. So while buying check the date so that you can get a better battery life.

So it’s true that almost 20% to 25% battery charge will reduce every year, no matter how you maintain. But generally we lose more charge (almost 40%). If you follow these tips, you can reduce it to max 20% so you can use the battery for some more years.

Arijit Naskar

Arijit Naskar is a Software Developer and QA, also founder of a popular tech tutorial & how-to website since 2014. He loves to explore new technologies and writing blogs.