Why Rooting is required in an Android device

Before reading the article first thing you should know is by rooting a device you are breaking the warranty given by your manufacturers. The simple definition of rooting is Getting admin access in the devices.

Now why you need to root your phone/tablet? The answer is very simple: you will get the admin access to your android device, which will let you to do everything which is normally blocked in stock OS. Remember if you are happy with the applications you already have in your phone before rooting and you have no specific purpose for rooting, then just stop here and don’t go for rooting. But if you are like me (I have never been happy with a stock device which bounds me in a specified access zone) then you must go for it. Below I have described in brief, by rooting, how you can overcome the limitations which manufacturers put into your device.


Uninstall/Remove pre-installed apps:

This is what I think most people want. When you buy an Android phone or tablet you will see a lot of applications are installed which you don’t need. For example I don’t use tweeter, but in every Android phone I saw that a Tweeter app is installed.
SO if you root your phone you can remove/ uninstall the app.

Phone Performance:

By rooting you will get a number of ways to speed up your device and increase its battery life. With root access you can increase CPU clock frequency of your device.

And also there are a lot of applications (These apps require root access) by which you can do this.

Custom Kernel:

If you don’t know what is Kernel, then do a google and read. In brief kernel communicates between device’s software and hardware. Most of the time the kernel provided by your device manufacturer does not support for all applications, but with a custom kernel you can do a lot of modifications like

Performance enhancement, battery charging speed, using some apps which support some exiting features etc. But flashing a kernel need root access.

Custom ROM/OS Updates:

Now this is the most useful thing you can do with rooting. The saddest incident in the world I think is “Google has launched a new version of Android, but my phone manufacture is not providing the updated OS”. This can be overcome by flashing a custom ROM in your Phone. There are a number of ROMs available in market you can use choose from them, but always read all about the ROM before installing it in your phone (All ROMs are not supported by all devices).

UI customization:

By rooting you can change your UI in to whatever you wish. Changing icons, Status bar are very common UI modifications which people do, even you can change the boot screen of your device (I change mine by a small animation of my name ;).

SO guys these are some of the well-known benefits which you can get by rooting android devices. But there are lots more. But my suggestion is before going for it, must read everything related to rooting. Rooting information of almost all devices are available in internet, so do some Google and spend some time before you start or else you might damage your device.

Arijit Naskar

Arijit Naskar is a Software Developer and QA, also founder of alltechstories.com a popular tech tutorial & how-to website since 2014. He loves to explore new technologies and writing blogs.

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