Install MongoDB in OS X Mac PC

Download and Unzip MondoDB

To install MongoDB on your Mac PC (OS X) first you have to download MongoDB. Go to the official MongoDB website and download.

Now extract the zip.


Create a DB folder

MongoDB stores data in a folder named data/db. By default this directory will not be created. So manually we should create this directory.

I assume you are logged in with root. If not, make sure the user have proper permission in  data/db directory.

Start MongoDB

If your data/db folder is in default location just run:

Else run

If everything is properly done, MongoDB should start.


Don’t Close this terminal and open another terminal. In this new terminal run:

The MongoDB will open in the command prompt and you can write your commands/queries here.


Enjoy the new installed DB. For any questions please leave a comment.

Arijit Naskar

Arijit Naskar is a Software Developer and QA, also founder of a popular tech tutorial & how-to website since 2014. He loves to explore new technologies and writing blogs.

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