Install Android on a PC

Truly specking installing Android on a PC is not going to be great idea. Because Android is a great OS for Mobiles and Tablets, but for PC it’s not a very good choice. If you are thinking to use an Android PC then your life is going to be very tough. But for research and Knowledge purpose you can install Android in PC. It’s not that much heard and you do not need to be an Android master. Just follow the steps which I mentioned below, and you will be able to install Android successfully on your PC.


  1. Android iso file. Download it from

For this tutorial I used android-x86-4.4-r1.iso

  1. One flash drive or a CD/DVD
  2. One PC of course.

Let’s Start:

Download the iso file and create a bootable flash drive of a bootable CD/DVD.

You can follow the steps here (

or you can use third party software like unetbootin( to create one bootable media. Now don’t forget to change the first boot preference from your PC BIOS. Once You are done, just insert the bootable flash drive in your PC and restart it. If your bootable media is perfect then you should see a screen like below.


Now select the last option (Install Android to harddisk) from the boot screen and hit enter. The Choose Partition screen will appear.


select the hard drive you want to install android and hit enter. Choose file system screen will appear.


Now if you want to format the partition then select the file system type and hit enter. In my case I had some important files on the drive so I selected not to format the partition.


Now select yes in the next screen and hit enter this will install the boot loader.


I already had windows installed and I wanted to create a dual boot so I selected yes.

In the next screen just select yes and hit enter.


now the installation is started


In the next screen just select yes and proceed.


In this screen fill the size of the data minimum will be 512 mb. This will create the data image.

Congratulations you have successfully installed android in your pc.

Now follow the initial setup process and you are ready to go.



Arijit Naskar

Arijit Naskar is a Software Developer and QA, also founder of a popular tech tutorial & how-to website since 2014. He loves to explore new technologies and writing blogs.

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