Get Quick Launch bar in Windows 10 and Windows 7

Remember the quick launch bar in old Windows XP. Microsoft removed it in windows 7. People who were unhappy like me, can bring it back again. This is possible in both windows 7 and windows 10.

I used Windows 10 screenshots for this post.

Admin access is not required to do this. So if you don’t have admin access in the PC, no worries, still you can do this.

Process to Get Quick Launch bar back:


To bring back the quick bar right click on an empty space of the task bar and hover on Toolbars and then click on New Toolbars.

The new tool bar window will open.


Copy and paste the below line to the address bar and hit enter.

%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Now click on select Folder. The Quick launch bar will be added in the task bar.


Process to Modify Quick Launch bar:

By default it will create at the right side of the task bar. To change the position you have to unlock the taskbar first. To do so right click on the task bar and uncheck the lock taskbar. Then click and drag the newly created quick launch bar to change position.

To add items in the quick launch bar, open windows explorer and paste the below line in the address bar and hit enter. Also you can press windows+R to open run and paste the below line there.

%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Quick launch folder will open.


Now right click on an empty space inside this folder and select new and then click create shortcut. Browse the application and create the shortcut. It should display in the quick launch bar.

To remove items from the quick launch bar just open the quick launch window and delete the shortcut you want to remove from quick launch bar.

So your quick launch bar is ready.

Process to delete Quick Launch bar :

Now what if you want to remove it. Just right click on an empty space on the taskbar and select Toolbars and then uncheck Quick Launch.

Arijit Naskar

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